Share ! CAN YOU ALL ADD A PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILE !!!! THANX : adacic1033 and now Some instructions in challenging times: 1. Dont use your name; 2. Remember your ego is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in the perceived external world; 2b. Remember the external world is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in your perceived ego; 3. Focus on awareness, not your mental state; 4. Keep your message fnord; the ego wants you to be this and not that because this is the soil from which your sense of self identity will grow; 5. No more helpless/hopeless talk. No more; no less. 6. Support artists and the arts; 7. Be careful when you spread fake news. Check it. Is it real? Is it lulzworthy? 8. Take care of yourselves. 8a. Nothing is real. Everything is permitted. 8b. Keep your laser handy! 9. Resist the temptation to believe in all this bullshit! 10. At the end of the day, ALL YOU HAVE is your S.H.I.T. , so use it wisely. The following accounts use various different open names;including Tae Ateh. We choose Tae Ateh because it is non gender or nation specific. This document is written by REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION);a one-person organisation with only one member: Tae Ateh;a Multiple-User name begun in Belarus by the Asemic International but spread to Brazil, England and beyond. And later remixed, glitched, mindfucked, copywronged by Timoteo Pinto, a Multiple-User name originated from the Brazilian Discordian Society, MultiCabal of the Very Confused. - - ! Here s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you cant do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.We are not an order. We are their saviors. Were not sure that you are prepared. Prove! `From the earliest times we worrying about Human vulnerability to being manipulated. Mind control and computer programming are gradually evolving since the first hominids who stepped in UR Earth. If hilarity, human existence has been given by an external precipitation that came raging in the double helix. Although the buzzer still echoes and shout, watch out for other than the moths them. After all, slavery was actually abolished? ; - - Results for "Bulimia Consultant" : C-sonore operation psyops in progress

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  • Are You Looking To Buy Healthy Diet For Youngsters?

    Are You Looking To Buy Healthy Diet For Youngsters?

    I have truly wonderful kids. They amaze me every wedding day. They are good kids, a bit too. I hear that all of the time, though they really aren't kids anymore. However, just since there are no perfect parents, there aren't any perfect youngsters .. My kids certainly are not perfect, . i hav...

    Tags: Bulimia Consultant, Binge Eating Disorder Advice, Bulimia Support

  • Finding Your Natural Weight - The Thin Side Of The Story

    Finding Your Natural Weight - The Thin Side Of The Story

    Keep a large choice of foods around the home. Being an intuitive eater means finding out what getting craved at times of craving for food. The more variety that is available, the better chance the craving could be identified and satisfied. Keep various grains like breads, pastas, rice, and cereal...

    Tags: Bulimia Consultant, EDNOS Consultancy, Binge Eating Disorder Consultancy

  • Would Such As To Control Food Longing?

    Would Such As To Control Food Longing?

    I follow my own path, march to the beat of my own drummer all that you have that metaphorical stuff. I'm stubborn and narrow minded and I won't budge on anything I believe in. I'm proud of myself, my life, the kids and grandchildren and everything I signify. I know who I am and I do not need to j...

    Tags: Anorexia Consultancy, Bulimia Consultant, Bulimia Advice

  • Covering Up Or Treating Thinning Hair

    Covering Up Or Treating Thinning Hair

    Partying, the use of right elements, the doctors instruct, such as dancing, hopefully unlike Expert. Lisa did (Elaine from Seinfeld is jealous), laughing for 10-15 minutes, which burns 50 calories, and flirting, anyone "have to try to do in withour a fuss if you have a relationship," the sage doc...

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  • Eating Disorders In Teens

    Eating Disorders In Teens

    As mentioned, unbalanced variety of Migraine Serotonin can produce severe head ache. A lot of migraine treatments help improve the balance of serotonin in the body. What some people don't understand is how the likes of pain killers can actually add to the problem. Bulimic people instead ac...

    Tags: Anorexia Advice, Eating Disorder Treatment, Bulimia Consultant

  • Are You Teaching Your Son Or Daughter Good Eating Habits?

    Are You Teaching Your Son Or Daughter Good Eating Habits?

    As individuals, we handle our emotional issues another way. For some, it may be a crying jag against a loved one's shoulder, and with others, can stoic peace and quiet. However, crying, or tear production, does assist in working through emotional factors. You may have heard of the expression, "To...

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    • Eberly

      The 500 Calorie Diet Plan

      Michael Jackson obviously had lots of problems regarding his body image and perfectionism. He undertook numerous plastic surgeries, changed skin colour and supported different diets and the body cleansing work-outs. All this had become his obsession and he performed these acts in very extreme unh...

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    • The Almost Daily Diet - How Will It Be Better Different?

      The Almost Daily Diet - How Will It Be Better Different?

      Many experts suggested that self-hypnosis is certainly meditation. In a way, yes, self-hypnosis is really meditation. Both focus on relaxation and self-improvement. However, unlike meditation, hypnosis targets very specific areas of having a person's personality; meditation is targeted on the per...

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