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Help / FAQ
  1. How can I submit my music to Proton Radio?
  2. What is Proton Radio?
  3. How do I listen to Proton Radio?
  4. I am in an office/corporate environment or behind a firewall, and can't connect! What should I do?
  5. How can I record, download, or purchase Proton Radio broadcasts?
  6. Where can I find tracklistings of sets played on Proton Radio?
  7. How do I contact Proton Radio?
  8. Where is Proton Radio located?
  9. Why does Proton Radio ask for donations?
  10. Is there a Proton Radio chat room?

How can I submit my music to Proton Radio?
This is the most asked question at Proton. We get tons of emails a week asking how to submit mixes or singles to the station. Please see the above submissions section for details.

What is Proton Radio?
Proton Radio is an internet radio station that plays all forms of electronic music (progressive, tech, deep, breaks, etc). We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proton Radio is committed to exposing new talent and supporting the DJs and producers who have defined and redefined electronic music.

How do I listen to Proton Radio?
Proton Radio delivers its high quality broadcast via Shoutcast and Icecast technology. In order to listen to Proton Radio, PC users should use Winamp (recommended), Real Audio or Windows Media Player. Mac users should use iTunes to tune in. Once you have one of these programs installed, simply click here to tune in. We broadcast at 128kbps, an ideal bitrate for broadband users.

I am in an office/corporate environment or behind a firewall, and can't connect! What should I do?
If you're having trouble tuning in via our standard playlist, give our new Flash player a try. It should work around any firewall you have installed at your office or home computer.

How can I record, download, or even purchase Proton Radio broadcasts?
Proton Radio does not endorse the recording of our shows and stream. Currently, broadcasts are not available for downloads. To purchase music put out by the Proton label, please visit Beatport.

If you wish to obtain a specific broadcast, we recommend that you contact the artist directly or post a message in the Proton message board. If it is a regular Proton Radio show, please refer to their show page for contact information and messageboard forum.

Where can I find tracklistings to sets played on Proton shows?
When available, tracklistings of shows can be found on the tracklists page or show pagse (see the SHOWSsection for a complete list of shows). If the tracklistings were not provided by the show host, try contacting him /her via the show's individual message forum or by posting your inquiry on Proton'sTrainspotter's Lounge forum.

How do I contact Proton Radio?
If you wish to contact Proton Radio for any reason -- to offer promotional ideas, to acquire information on a Proton Radio DJ or to offer general feedback -- please refer to the contact section above for the appropriate person. Don't forget to check out the Proton message board for updates, tracklistings, events and other discussion topics.

Where is Proton Radio located?
Proton Radio does not have a centralized headquarter location. Our servers are hosted in Los Angeles, our founder Sam lives in Dallas, Texas, and Jason Wohlstadter lives in Los Angeles, California. Our fans, however, are global.

Why does Proton Radio ask for donations?
Ever since its birth over a year ago, Proton Radio has been delivering high quality broadcasts and exclusive DJ sets for free. Due to recent legislation on internet licensing/broadcasting fees and costs to maintain our site and servers, we ask our fans to consider a donation to help us continue our excellent service free of charge, the way radio ought to be. Please use the PayPal link to make your much appreciated donation of any amount. Thank you for your support!

Is there a Proton Radio chat room I can join on the internet?
If you would like to speak to Proton members as well as many other similar-minded individuals who enjoy the same quality of music played on proton, you can join #protonradio or #proghouse on EFNet. To do this you will need an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. We recommend you use (please note many other clients are available for both platforms):

Once you have installed this program you must connect to EFNet and then join #protonradio. Below is an example of what you may type (without quotes) to connect to a server and join the channel: "/server"
"/join #protonradio"


Version History

2007 December 6

  • Cleaned up the front page of the Proton site a bit for active On Demand subscribers. The yellow side bar will no longer prompt you to subscribe, the small ad badge will not display, and fixed a spacing issue under the flash slideshow. Minor stuff. Going to try and tackle some genre browsing now...¬†

2007 October 17

  • After months of endless email from users unable to enter both the verification and confirmation codes, I've updated the registration page to instead ask for the normal confirmation code in addition to a simply yes or no question-- are you human?¬†
  • Many emails have come in over the years from users not receiving activation emails on our site. In an effort to get more emails through Hotmail & Yahoo!'s overly robust spam filters I've gone ahead and modified the e-mail templated used by phpbb2. Hopefully this will help?! The phpbb2 mods seem to think so.¬†
  • Upon registering on Proton Radio you will now be taken to a welcome splash page after activating your account. The welcome page should hopefully streamline a new users integration into the site by offering them 4 free On Demand mixes as well as explaining how to tune into the free stream-- in case the big play button at the top of the page wasn't obvious enough! :)¬†
  • Front page now displays Proton Radio's Top 10 most listened to mixes On Demand instead of displaying the handpicked featured mixes. On Demand subscribers who are logged in will see the featured hand picked mixes.
  • The embedded Quicktime player for the Proton stream was updated and now works.
  • The download page was updated to include Proton's Flash Player
  • An exploit in our old admin interface was fixed.

2007 October 8

  • Fixed an odd bug in the show date browser that hid the Player / DJ / Part # header for individual show sets when a show set of a lesser part number had it's tracklist expanded. A big thanks to Mike Murphy for discovering this bug and notifying us!
  • A block of text on the front page describing On Demand above the show date browser will dissapear for any active On Demand subscribers if they are logged in.

2007 June 24

  • Advertisements on the site will now not appear for On Demand subscribers. Ads will appear if your subscription is inactive, expired, or non-existant.

2007 June 23

  • Some big changes today... after some feedback from various users, I've simplified the main menu to the left of all pages on the Proton site. The drop shadow isn't as strong, some of the pages have been combined, and various items are removed entirely. The goal is to simplify the site, make it easier to read, and take us closer towards a full redesign. The menu and upper section of the site will gradually evolve to hopefully create a better browsing experience for our new and existing users.¬†Please give us your feedback, good or bad!
  • Various pages have been combined into one¬†Info page.¬†affected pages are: About Us, Contact Us, Submissions, and Version History. Also introduced is an¬†Advertising page¬†providing a brief welcome to any potential advertisers.
  • The Proton logo at the top of all pages now takes you back to the front page. Not sure why we didn't do this before, sort of rediculous :)

2007 June 18

  • We had a lot of requests this past week (and over the past few months) to enable auto logging in for our members. Well, I think I got it working... thanks to "Jan500" from the phpBB IRC support channel. A check box at the top of the page with the login form is now available letting you specify whether or not you want this feature. Please give it a try,¬†and let me know if it works!¬†

    I don't necessarily think it looks all that great, so if you have a suggestion as to how we can re-design the login box up there I'd be open to suggestions. The other option is to just set auto-login to be true all the time and not give users the option. But options are good, right? 

    Tell us your thoughts.

2007 June 14

  • Re-created our¬†links section. Sponsors, top affiliates, and networked pages will appear here. A sponsor is a website/company that helps keep Proton Radio on the air, a top affiliate is a website that sends us a lot of traffic, and a networked page is one that displays our¬†Proton Playe¬†or¬†Proton Schedule RSS feed. If you're interested in getting on this page,¬†please contact us.
  • The Proton Player¬†now has a playlist for available relays of the free stream. If for whatever reason the relay cuts out, the Proton Player will now shuffle you to the next server in the list. The order of the playlist at the moment is:,, and then finally If you're interested in hosting some listeners for Proton Radio¬†please contact us.
  • The version history section now scrolls as to not take up too much space on the pages.
  • An unknown issue with our forum software, phpBB2, was causing the user sessions table to overflow and crash the site if it reached around 2700 sessions. Since many of these were guest sessions, I wrote a cron job that deletes any guest sessions over an hour old. This seems to have resolved the issue for now.

2007 June 8

  • Fixed an On Demand streaming bug that prevented sets with URL encoded strings from playing. For example, all the old Particle sets from 2003 were not playing because they had the "%20" code for a space. These sets will now play back as intended. Thanks to "Vincent" for finding this bug.

2007 June 7

  • Fixed a bug on the DJ bio pages that failed to display mix sets on the first day they were broadcasted.

2007 June 6

  • The show set browser, which appears on all show pages and the On Demand page, will now properly target the _top window when clicking play next to any set. Previously, if a user was not logged in, it would load the Proton site recursively into the small browser frame. Doh! :(

2007 June 5

  • An updated DJ Panel for Proton hosts is now live featuring many bug fixes, a few layout adjustments, and some minor new features.
  • After a failed login, the registration page now offers a link to the password reset and request form. Hopefully should stop some of the "forgot my password" emails we get each week!

2007 May 29

  • Some minor updates today. Wes fixed a bunch of bugs in the DJ Panel. I fixed the show date browser to sort show sets properly by Part #. Before it was sorting by ID, so we if we re-ordered anything in the DJ Panel it would list it out of order. Woo.

2007 May 28

  • (Beta DJ Panel) On close event function for the mini pop up windows created, allowing functions to be called upon the closing of any mini pop up window. Example currently in place: On closing the bio editing pop up for a DJ it now resets the menu and closes the Edit/Cancel option. (Wes)

2007 May 27

  • Version history section created and displayed on the "On Demand" and "About Us/Contact Us" pages.
  • Tune In buttons for premium On Demand sets now appear grey for basic subscribers.
  • A CSS height attribute was removed from the Proton logo/header that appears atop all pages, resolving a display glitch that slowed down loading on the site. A big thanks to 'Rob'.


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